Director: Magdalene Minnaar. Conductor: Schalk van der Merwe. Movement Director: Fiona du Plooy. Cast: Conroy Scott, Brittany Smith, William Berger, Siphamandla Moyake, Megan Kahts, Members of Cape Town Opera Chorus and the Cape Town Pops Orchestra. Photographs: Kim Stevens. Artscape.

Not for nothing is Mozart’s Le Nozze di Figaro a perennial favourite of the operatic repertoire.

Replete with enchanting arias and brimming with mischief, it sweeps its audience along at a heady pace; from the chuckle of woodwinds in the overture to the joyous, wildly improbable finale, its lyrical grace cloaks both ridiculous farce and moments of poignancy. Seldom is audience credulity so willingly suspended. Read more

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