Directed and written by: Nicola Hanekom.
Sound design by: James Webb.
Choreographed by: Fiona du Plooy.

Winner of the ATKV-Woordveertjie Best text.
Winner of six Kanna awards, Best Production, Best Director, Most Groundbreaking Work, Best Debut Production, Best Actress and Best Actor.

‘Babbel’ is a site specific work to be performed on a desolate field in the proximity of a cell phone tower. It is the third part in a trilogy, following ‘Betésda’ and ‘Lot’.

Somewhere in the future, in the aftermath of a revolution, a commander and her lover keep vigil over the only remaining cell phone tower. They wait in vain for contact from the new king who fled to space during the violent uprising. They are pestered by the talking head of the previous despot, a man they decapitated themselves, babbling forth in their consciences. The signal from the tower has an negative influence on all in the vicinity. Languages possess people and they “talk in tongues” that require interpretation. Those that are perceived to speak in tongues are chained. The commander’s brothers return with the names of the dead on their lips. Gradually language diminishes and the chaos of the war creeps into the heart of men.

The stronger the signal is sent, the louder the silence resounds. The price of freedom is high.

Trailers of these two works and be viewed on YouTube at the following links:

Or simply search YouYube under Betesda Nicola Hanekom or Lot Nicola Hanekom.

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