Directed by: Nicola Hanekom
Choreographed by: Fiona du Plooy
Betésda wins three Kanna Awards

1. Kanna for Best Director, sponsored by Windhoek Lager – Nicola Hanekom for Betésda
The other nominees in this category were:

Marthinus Basson for As die broek pas
Themba Ntuli in The Famished Road

2. Kanna for best Absa KKNK-debut work – The production Betésda
The other productions nominated in this category, which aimed to award a piece created especially for the Absa KKNK including new text, musical composition, choreography and visual art work, were:

The production Afrikaaps
Nataniël for the text of Swanemeer – Die ware verhaal

3. Beste Aanbieding – BetesdaKanna for Best Presentation, sponsored by Absa – The production Betésda
The other productions nominated for this award, which focused on the way in which all theatrical aspects, namely performance, production, technical aspects, and choreography, combined in a totally integrated and high quality production, were:

Afrikaaps Bach Goldberg
Bach Goldberg

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